Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

It’s a baby!

This is the reason why I haven’t been as active as usual. Now we’re just waiting for this little miracle to come out!

Newborn photography

This little foot belongs to William, one month old! Adorable! More pictures will come!

Everyday hero

On my way to a photoshoot I got stranded along the road. My car had run out of motor oil so I couldn’t keep on driving. I was so stressed out! Called the client and said that I didn’t know when I was going to show up. Called my family for help but unfortunately no one were able to come. And then a miracle happend! This guy pulled over and asked if I wanted some help. He checked my motor oil and offered to drive me back and forward to the nearest gas station so that I could buy oil. How often does this happen?! I was so greatful! We need more of these people in the world! If he hadn’t pulled over I don’t know how long I would have been stranded there. So if you read this, you made my day! Thank you!

Ladder in the lake

Watch this behind the scenes video made by awesome Johannes Hjelm! You get to see scenes during the photo shoot and retouching. Talented model Sarah Eckardt and assistant Erik Magnusson. Enjoy!

Editorial shoot

I’m so happy with the end result from my latest editorial shoot with Yasmina Jackson. Go check them out in my Portfolio!

Pink And Plastic

This is the before and after-picture of beautiful model Sarah Eckardt, which I shoot two days ago. I wanted to show this picture and talk a little about retouch. For this photoshoot our inspiration was Barbie, pink and flawless (over exaggerated, retouched) skin. I don’t usually work like this, because it’s always important for me to keep the skin texture when retouching. This time I went all the way, and boy was it fun! As you can see in the before-picture, she has no fake eyelashes on, so this is something I added in Photoshop. Isn’t it amazing just how much you can do in Photoshop? I’m not saying that I prefer adding makeup or other elements in Photoshop, because it’s easier and more authentic if the makeup, for example, is done correctly from the beginning. Thankfully Sarah has beautiful skin to begin with, so that made the retouch easier. In my portfolio you can see the end result and new pictures of Sarah when she stands in the water on a ladder. Behind the scenes video of the ladder-shoot is comming!


New photo of beautiful model Sofia Samuelsson in Editorial, check it out! Comming up next week will be photos of model Yasmina Jackson. Woho! Have a nice weekend everybody!

Tattoo Removal

A short behind the scenes video of when I’m retouching tattoos. The reason that I decided to remove the tattoos in this picture is because the tattoos didn’t help in highlighting the sense of innocence and timelessness, which were the feelings I was going for. Model Sofia Samuelsson and video editing by Johannes Hjelm. Enjoy!

Busy Schedule

New photo in Editorial with model Emmy Svantesson and MUA Ida Nilsson. Check them out in my Portfolio! Yesterday I had a photoshoot with the model Sofia Samuelsson from Stockholm. The result was stunning, can’t wait to show the pictures! In a few hours I have another photoshoot with model Yasmina Jackson from Gothenburg. Excited! Busy schedule and I’m loving every second of it!

Business Cards

I’ve received my new business cards from Optimalprint!

Back to work

Unfortunately the weekend is comming to an end. But I have some interesting photoshoots I’m looking forward to next week! I have planned a couple of Editorial photoshoots that I’m excited about! I’m also going to photograph a couple of real estates. I took this photo in Varberg last summer and it’s an example of how it looks when I’m out shooting real estates.

The Perfect Gift

Give away a photo shoot to someone you care about! When you buy a gift card from me you get to decide which amount you want to give and what type of photo shoot it will be. It can be anything from editorial to portrait. I always form the photo shoots after the customers desire. If you are interested in getting a gift card please contact me at:


Behind The Scenes

Welcome to my blog! What a better way to start of this blog than with a Behind The Scenes video from a photo shoot I did last year. Thanks to Johannes Hjelm for making this video!